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What do Pomegranates & Business Building Have in Common?

Updated: Aug 24

I love pomegranates. As soon as they are seasonally available at the grocery store, I pounce. They’re a fresh blast of sweet & sour with a smooth yet crunchy sensation that is very satisfying. But that’s not the only thing that draws me to them. While I was indulging one evening, it occurred to me that maybe I was drawn to them for more than their interesting flavor characteristics.

I pondered how the process of enjoying a pomegranate is similar to building a successful business:

1) Strategy – if you don’t plan properly, you’re in a for a mess. Business building requires a surgical approach – you just can’t slice it down the middle and serve! You need a game plan, a sales & marketing playbook, and the right tools (pomegranate hint: a sharp, pointy knife that will go skin-deep with ease).

2) Diligence & Precision – Business-building requires a thorough and precise approach to the customer experience at every touchpoint in the organization, not just sales & service. A sloppy effort in one area affects adjacent areas which impacts the overall experience. The interconnectedness of business with teams, communities, customers, and partners alike requires careful planning & execution (pomegranate hint: once you break the skin, crack it open with your hands. Break it down further into quadrants & be sure to have a bowl underneath to catch the falling kernels).

3) Patience & Persistence – you’re in for the long haul. If you want to build something special, you cannot rush the process. Define the endgame first – what does success look like? Who will enjoy it with you? (pomegranate hint: handle with care and put in the time & effort – you will be rewarded).

4) Passion & Fit – is this the right business for you? Does it align with your life mission, character, strengths, skills and personal compass (pomegranate tip: is this the right fruit to invest your time & energy?).

No matter how much you love business building, like pomegranates, success needs to be shared with others for a completely gratifying experience. It’s not for everyone so be sure to pick the right fruit (and business) for your life!

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